Customized Stitched Cahier Notebooks
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Stitchibble NOTEBOOKS

Mass advertise your business with our new Stitchibble cahier notebooks! Designed to include 64 plain, ruled, dotted or squared pages, along with a flexible heavy-duty cardboard  cover, our cahier notebooks that are bonded together with a visibly colorful singer sewn thread that is stitched on the spine. Hand made, and supplied in a wide variety of eye grabbing thread and cover colors, these customized cahier notebooks can be branded with your foiled or printed logo to powerful giveaway merchandise gifts to distribute at various functions and events! 

Branded Stitched Cahier Notebooks


Paper Colours

Our stitchable cahier notebooks are designed to include a flexible heavy-duty cardboard cover, that is supplied in 36+ colors, that can be branded with your logo.

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Page FOrmats

Promote your business in style with our customized stitched cahier journals that can be manufactured with 64 plain, ruled, dotted or square pages, along with your branding.


Specifications & Features

64 Pages

1, 2 or Full Color Printing

Cream or White Paper

70 to 90 GSM Paper

Stitchabble Notebooks



Ideal to advertise your brand at various exhibitions, trade shows and events, Scribble produces its stitched notebooks in 3 adorable sizes including compact, A5 and quarto.

Stitchabble Notebooks Sizes