Orange Shisha A6+ Undated Weekly Diaries

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Our Arabian inspired undated weekly diaries, can be the perfect addition to a Lebanese restaurant or an Arabian restaurant and cafe! Placed in their gift store, along with our Scribble notebooks, these 2021 weekly diaries and agendas help restaurants and coffee shops to boost their sales!


HARD COVER - These diaries are produced with a hard cover, which makes them sturdy enough to withstand everyday use.

PU LEATHER - Covered with a soft PU texture, these 2021 diaries give out a stylish look and feel.

ELASTIC CLOSURE - Includes a colorful elastic closure, that can serve to keep the diaries closed or to hold down the inner pages in place while you Scribble and write.

ROUND CORNERS - Their round corners edges, make these elastic weekly planners unique and eye catching.

A6+ SIZE - Supplied in a stylish A6+ size (11 x 15.5 cm), these undated diaries are just big enough to write down notes.

192 PAGES / 96 SHEETS - Supplied with 192 pages or 96 sheets, you will never have to worry about running out of paper.

UNDATED WEEKLY FORMAT - Designed with an undated weekly format, these undated diaries, provides note takers with ample space to take down notes.

IVORY / CREAM PAPER - Printed on 100 gsm high quality cream or Ivory paper, our elastic diaries are pen friendly, whether you use a ballpoint pen, a fountain pen, or a pencil, to jot down notes

PERFECT GIFT - These weekly agendas are the perfect business or executive gifts, to surprise your clients at the end of the year!

DESIGNED WITH IN UAE - The Scribble brand offers premium quality diaries, that are designed with the help of our talented team in our factory in Dubai.

CUSTOM ORDERS - Did you know that Scribble also accepts customized 2021 diaries orders? Working from a 30,000 square feet factory, our team is fully equipped in printing customized diaries & agendas, that can be branded with your logo and delivered to you in 4 to 5 days! Email us at to get a free quote!