Scribble Notebooks: The Unhackables!

Are you scared of getting hacked and getting your information compromised? You are not alone.

Introducing, the Scribble elastic notebooks, the hack proof printed alternative that was available all along, with multiple layers of security and encryption:

Elastic Strap

Why make a hacker’s task easy? The elastic strap, is the first layer of security that is designed and programmed to slow the hacker’s progress in opening your notebook.

Pen Holder

As a second layer of security, the pen holder acts as a notebook product key, without it, the hacker will not be able to decipher or alter the data in the notebook.

Foam Board and Grey Board

The third layer of security, is the sturdy foam board and grey board that surrounds the notebook from all sides and acts as a firewall that keeps your information safe and secure from any intrusion.

Personal Data Page

With an optional personal data page at the beginning of the notebook, you are able to claim ownership of your notebook and details as well as grant specific users permission to read and/or write on your notebook.

Number of Pages

Make it much easier for hackers to get lost! The fifth layer of security, that can include 128, 192, 256 pages and more, can make it difficult for hackers to find the information that they require easily, they would have to sift through several terabits of data.

Expendable Pocket

As the final layer of security, the expandable pocket at the end of the notebook, acts as a hidden folder designed to store sensitive materials such as credit cards, business cards…

Ribbon Marker

If, somehow the hacker was able to circumvent all that security, send a virus to your notebook and managed to shut it close, the satin ribbon marker act as backup system where you can recover and continue your work where you left off!

With multiple layers of security, users can feel safe and secure by knowing that their information and data is protected with the strongest encryption on the market.

What are you waiting for? Keep your information safe and secure, with our Scribble elastic notebooks!


Scribble Notebooks Al Quoz Industrial Area 4

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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