How to use Scribble notebooks to promote your business?

Updated: Feb 27

In an increasingly competitive world, marketers have to find new ways to gain their customer's attention. Customized notebooks provide them with a unique opportunity to create a creative marketing gift that's stands out!

Quality! Quality! Quality!

Marketers have to first make sure they are giving away quality corporate gifts. With Scribble you can rest assured that quality is assured.

  • Premium PU Leather: Scribble uses high quality and durable PU leather, that are ideal for hot stamping, foiling, UV and screen printing

  • Sewn Books: Unlike some manufacturers, our notebooks, notepads and diaries are smith sewn and not perfect binded, which makes them more durable.

  • FSC Certified Paper: We use premium quality, FSC certified, smooth cream (Ivory) or wood free white paper for all products; which makes them perfect to Scribble on.

  • Quality Ink: We utilize European ink to print all our diaries and notebooks.

  • Ribbon Marker: A 6 mm ribbon bookmark is a must when it comes to our notebook and diary finishing process; which not only gives the product a nice finish, but also help the consumer finds the page, where he left off!

  • Head & Tail Band: All our journals, and agendas are decorated with head & tail headbands that are placed at either side of the books.

Always judge a notebook by its cover!

Starting with the notebook cover, marketers can choose from 240+ PU leather textures that closely match their brand colors, or alternatively, they can get more creative by digitally printing a custom design in full color. Furthermore, these custom notebooks, can be retrofitted with a colorful elastic closure and a pen loop that is large enough to accommodate any promotional plastic pen, premium metal pen, or wooden pencil.

Finishes that makes your notebook stand out.

Remember to add small finishing touches here and there, to make sure your elastic notebook stands out from the competitors! Marketers can request rounded edges, as opposed to traditional straight edges, which will make their giveaway gift look unique, additionally, they can add a decorative stitching around the cover which will add some elegance. However, if customers are looking to create sophisticated gifts, they can always add gold or silver metal corners, or customize the notebook pages to include gild edged pages.

Branded your way!

When it comes to branding their cover, marketers are provided with several branding choices, from silver or gold foiling their logo on the front cover, to debossing (hot stamping) their website at the back, to screen printing their individualized customers name, to UV printing their company emblem in full color....

Custom End Sheets

Scribble notebooks also provide brand managers with a unique opportunity to customized the notebook's end paper or end sheets, by either choosing from 24+ colors, or by custom printing a full spread design in full color.

Include Useful Pages

By choosing the Scribble brand, marketers can choose to add additional useful pages which will encourage end users to use these journals. Starting with a personal data page which will allows end users to scribble-in their personal information, to including a 3 year calendar, that is designed to help users manage their schedules and appointments, to adding 16 pages of information, similar to 2022 diaries, that include conversion tables, world holidays, international information... and finally including a colorful end paper World Map, that can always come in handy.

Your brand on every page!

Marketers can also choose from several inner page designs including, plain, ruled, dotted, squared pages, or undated; all of whom can be personalized to include a company logo overprinted on all pages. Matching a brand's Pantone colors, the logos can be printed in a simple single color print or in a more prominent duo color design, or in a more vibrant CMYK print.

Why not include Advertising Pages?

Since these custom printed notebooks will be circulated in the market, marketers can take this opportunity to include advertising pages through the notebook, that are filled with their company profile as well as pictures of their products and services.

Expandable Paper Pocket

A notebook will not be complete without a back paper pocket. Glued at back of the notebook, these expandable pockets, are designed to be large enough for users to store business cards, notes, and other documents.


Creating a positive first impression is always important and should never be overlooked! Scribble offers a wide range of packaging options from including a customized belly wrap around the notebook, to packing them in individual paper sleeve boxes, that can be branded with your logo...

Include Complementary Pens

Take your marketing to the next level, by complementing your branded elastic notebooks with customized pens. The company offers a wide range of writing instruments that are manufactured in Italy or Switzerland; these include:

  • Torsion Series: Our Torsion plastic pens, made in Switzerland, are designed with unique frame design, that not only give them modern look and feel; but also provides note takers with a comfortable grip.

  • Chalk Series: Complement your customized notebooks, and 2022 diaries with chalk plastic pens, that can be branded with your logo, and inserted into the elastic pen loop of your Scribble notebook.

  • Bay Series: Our Maxema Bay pens, made in Italy, are designed with a simple and colorful frame, that is retrofitted with a twist action mechanism; which makes it easier and more comfortable for users to write.

  • Transparent Zink Series: Our Maxema Zink transparent plastic pens are manufactured in Italy using non-toxic ABS plastic. Supplied in 11 vibrant colors, our plastic pens are designed with unique see through barrels, along with a smooth glossy finish.

  • Icon Pure Series: Supplied in a smooth finish, in eight earth tones colors that are inspired by Nature, these recycled plastic pens are equipped with an ink cartage that can write up to 2,500 meters

  • Inkless Series: Our endless or inkless pens, are the latest addition to our growing pen collection. Designed with an aluminum frame, along with a carbon fiber tip, that allows scribblers to write for 15,000 meters without worrying about running out of ink.


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