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Whether you are looking to promote your business, or looking to create a positive impression on executive clients, our wide selection of pens and pencils can help you accomplish your marketing goals! Premium metal pens, screen printed with your client name for example, are perfect executive gifts for high VIP customers, promotional plastic pens on the other hand can be UV printed with your logo, which makes ideal giveaway gifts to complement your Scribble elastic notebooks, and finally our wooden pencils, screen printed with your brand message are great advertising gifts to mass advertise your brand in a cost effective manner.

Torsion Plastic Pens

Torsion Series

Our Torsion plastic pens, made in Switzerland, are designed with unique frame design, that not only give them modern look and feel; but also provides note takers with a comfortable grip. 

Chalk Plastic Pens

Chalk Series

Complement your customized notebooks, and 2022 diaries with chalk plastic pens, that can be branded with your logo, and inserted into the elastic pen loop of your Scribble notebook.

Chalk Metal Pens

Chalk Metallic Series

Looking to make a long lasting positive impression on your executive VIP clients? Surprise them with customized chalk metal pens, that are placed in a gift set along with premium leather organizers.

Stylus Metal Pens

Stylus Series

Be sure to check out our Stylus pen series. These stylus metal pens are designed with a distinctive and modern frame that is retrofitted with both a rollerball pen tip, and a stylus mesh tip.

Endless and Inkless Pens

INkless Series

Our endless or inkless pens, are the latest addition to our growing pen collection. Designed with an aluminum frame, along with a carbon fiber tip, that allows scribblers to write for 15,000 meters without worrying about running out of ink.

Customized Wooden Pencils

Doodle Series

Promote your brand with our high quality wooden pencils, that can be customized to include your logo, or your brand message screen printed on the side.

Plantable Seed Pencils

Plantable Series

Designed to include a seed capsule, that can contain chili, tomato, coriander, mustard or fenugreek seeds instead of an eraser, our plantable seed pencils, can be planted, once they become too short for use, and grow your very own vegetable plants.