Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship

Are you planning an event soon? 

Whether you are looking to distribute notebooks for a corporate event in Dubai, or looking for a sponsor to book a stall in a fair in Sharjah, or table at a kids or a corporate event in Abu Dhabi, Scribble is definitely the company to contact.

The Scribble team is always ready to negotiate, and work with you to create a beneficial sponsorship agreement that benefits you and is line with our marketing objectives.

What we offer?

  1. Scribble notebooks or diaries with your event logo and name branded on the cover.
  2. Social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote your event 

What we require?

  1. Scribble logo on all promotional materials.
  2. Scribble logo included in all signage at the venue, if any.
  3. Scribble logo with link to be included on your website
  4. Scribble logo with link to be included in any email campaign
  5. Social media mentions

Email us at info@scribblenotebook.com to get started...