notepads and memo pads
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Scribble Notepads & Memo Pads

Whether you are looking for personalized stapled pads for office use, or branded elastic notepads for corporate use, or customized spiral notepads for commercial use, or even unique mouse pads for desk use; Scribble provide businesses with a wide range of customized notepads and branded memo pads to choose from! Custom printed with your brand logo on every page, in a variety of sizes including A5 an A4, our customized writing pads are considered as powerful branding tools, that are simple, compact, economical, yet stylish business gifts

Customized Glued Notepads & Writing Pads

Scribble Pads

Be here, be there, be on every desk, with our Scribble glued notepads, that are designed to include 64, 96 or 128 custom printed sheets, that are glued on the top, and covered with a soft and flexible branded cover.

Customized Stapled Notepads & Writing Pads

Stapled pads

Scribble down important notes on our stapled notepads that feature, plain, ruled, dotted or square pages, that are bonded together using 2 staples, or 2 metal pins.

Customized Elastic Notepads & Writing Pads

Scribblastic Pads

Designed to include either a soft or hard PU leather cover, and retrofitted with an elastic closure, our A6+ reporter sized elastic notepads, can be branded with your logo, to help you advertise your business!

Customized Spiral Notepads & Writing Pads

Spirabble Pads

Colorful, compact, and pocket sized, our spiral notepads are fun and practical promotional merchandise gifts, that can be small enough to fit in your client's pocket!

Customized Mouse Desk Notepads

Mouse Pads

Our "Mouse Pads" are large A4 desk notepads that double as mouse pads. Glued from top, and personalized with your design on every page, our Mouse Pads are unique business desk accessories that are perfect for your client's desk!