2022 Customized Corporate Diaries and Agendas
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2022 Corporate Diaries

Scribble based in Dubai, UAE, supplies a wide range of customized 2022 corporate diaries and planners. Supplied in various sizes, formats, our daily diaries and weekly diaries can be customized extensively. Starting with the cover, marketers can choose from 240+ colors that can be branded with their logo, as well as include an elegant contour stitching, or metal corners to make their 2022 diaries stand out! As for the inner diary pages, they can be customized to include printed or colorful end sheets, as well as advertising pages featuring a company’s products and services, or a printed ribbon bookmark; and depending on one’s budget, these 2022 diaries can be personalized to include a company logo overprinted every page, to make this end of year gift even more special.

2022 Daily Diaries, Agendas and Planners

2022 Daily Diaries

Be remembered 365 days a year with our 2022 daily diaries and agendas! Designed to include 16 pages of useful information, including a daily planner with each day on a page, along with 12 monthly planners and end paper maps, are the perfect end of year gifts, to thank your client for their year long business!

2022 Weekly Diaries, Agendas and Planners

2022 Weekly Diaries

Widely given away as executive business gifts to directors, managers CEO's and VIP customers, our 2022 weekly diaries can be designed to include their personalized name screen printed on the cover, along with your logo. Placed in a corporate gift box, these weekly planners will surely make you stand out!

2022 Undated and Dateless Diaries, Agendas and Planners

2022 Undated Diaries

Our undated diaries or dateless planners are designed with a unique page design, that requires users to Scribble down their own dates. Padded on one side, and covered with a PU leather, PVC rexine or a fabric cover and branded with your logo, these undated diaries are gifts that can be given all year long!