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About Us

Our Story

The Scribblers were born in a land 192 pages away, during a time where businesses were drawing blanks and marketing budgets were spiralling quickly out of control.

Using their scribbling expertise, by gathering their notes together and by binding them with a simple, yet stylish cover, they soon realised that they created an everlasting scribbling book, where note takers could remember facts and information. They called it Scribble notebook, a tribute to all Scribblers!

They soon took to perfecting it, by gluing an expendable pocket at the back to help scribblers to store important papers, by adding an elastic strap to keep the notebook closed, by inserting a pen holder to keep a pen always handy, and more… and to satisfy the taste of all the Scribblers, they also designed the notebooks in various sizes, which made them more convenient to carry around.

Will you be the next Scribbler?


To disrupt the market with new and exciting notebooks, notepads, diaries, and unique gift items to help brands captivate their client's attention!


To harness human creativity and the power state of the art machinery to deliver unique products, that will drive greater client returns.


  • Honesty

  • Transparency

  • Customer Focus

  • Quality

  • Innovation